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Absurd Creatures | Three-Foot-Wide Coconut Crab Will Eat Your Soul and Maybe Kittens

Our childhood hermit crab has a rather more … sizable cousin: the 3-foot-wide, 9-pound coconut crab that can rip coconuts and sometimes, well, kittens to pieces.

Keeping Updated With Your Favorite Games

If you want to be updated with your favorite games on PC, Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation, you may want to subscribe to their newsletters, follow their Twitter account, like their Facebook page, or follow their Instagram account. Well, this is how avid fans keep updated with the latest news with games.

If you are always active on social media, there is a big chance that you will meet and gain friends with fellow gamers. You may also get a chance with gamers who sell merchandise, game installers, or items and equipment in an online game.

Those who have businesses use Instagram and create an account. To gain attention with other users, they are purchasing Instagram followers. One of the best websites, where you can purchase followers, is iDigic. You should read idigic reviews to know about their offers and if their clients are satisfied with their services.

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